Preparing for your newborn session


Congratulations on your new addition in your family! Newborn phase is the most amazing moment that you really want to capture, since they will be so little for a short period of time. I am a mother of two and been doing newborn pictures since 2011, it takes a lot of patience and practice. I’m not a perfect newborn photographer, but I know with a lot of patience and practice.. I will get there 🙂

Anyway here’s some info what to expect:

  1. Contact me as soon as you are home with your baby so we can schedule it soon (0-7 days the best, but if you have a preemie, I don’t mind doing it later) Why I do it so early? because the baby still be sleepy and all they do is sleep, eat and pee/poop. 😀
  2. You can get your own props.. but I do have some props too.
    Baby Girls: cute headband from or any simple hat/props. I’m not a big fans of those ginormous flower in my honest opinion it just took the attention from the baby’s cute little face.
    Baby Boy: hats 😀 or baby tie. I love trendy ties ( for boys prop.
    if you have any quilt that your great grandma made, or any thing that has sentimental value, feel free to let me know.
  3. I do the session usually at your house. An hr before I get to your house, make sure the baby only in diaper and wrapped in a warm blanket.. feed baby till s/he in a deep sleep. (loose clothing that day to avoid those marks on their skin).
  4. Prepare your house to be like a steam room.. I usually set the room temperature up to 80 degree.. and let me know if you don’t have space heater.. we need that too.
  5. Let me know in advanced what color blanket you’d like for the session.
  6. Also I need some hand towels, wash cloths (no need to be the nice one).
  7. It will take 2 hours for the session… I usually do family or at least mommy and baby session at the end of the newborn session. So prepare white onesie for the baby and black/white top for mommy & daddy or siblings (if you have older children)

To sum up this article, all you need for the perfect newborn session:

  1. 0-7 days old baby in diaper only 30 mins prior to my arrival (also in milk comma stage).
  2. Space heater and a warm house (80 degree)
  3. any props you have
  4. bunch of hand towels or washcloths
  5. space next to a giant window that has sunlight
  6. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: a very relax mommy…. don’t worry… baby can sense it when his/her mommy is stressing out 🙂

Newborn session Guidelines for in-studio session:

  1. Feed the baby at my studio instead of before coming.
  2. When you come to my studio, wear light clothes (not the clothes you want to wear for the picture). My studio will be very warm, so prepare to be sweaty 🙂
  3. If you have older child(ren), let them come at the end of the session 1 hr or 3o mins before the session ended. I do have toy room, if you prefer them to stay.
  4. I recommend solid color tops for the family pictures.
  5. Bring pacifier if the baby takes pacifier
  6. bring extra bottle of milk if you have bottle-fed baby
  7. Bring extra diapers and extra clothes for parents/siblings just in case
  8. Baby will be naked most of the time and I have props & wraps.. so don’t worry about what the baby will wear.